Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate Program and reap the benefits of promoting a service that people already consider      synonomous with home protection. 

Our Affiliates receive ​​ up to $500  per client that they bring aboard. The highest in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I get for referring my clients?

A: Min $300 - Max $500 in Visa Gift Cards, dependant on when they enroll.

Q: When do I receive my VISA Gift Card?

A: Our Affiliates receive their Visa Gift Cards the NEXT DAY following an installation, if installed by 12pm CST. Otherwise, you'll receive it in 2 days.

Q: What types of industries do you allow Affiliate Programs?

A: There are currently no industry restrictions. And we frequently work with: Insurance Agents, Real Estate Investors, Home Inspectors, Realtors, Home Warranty Companies, Utility Companies, etc. 

Q: How do I sign up to the Affiliate Program?

A: Email your contact info to:

Q: What is the best way to refer my client?

A: ​First, let your client know that we will be contacting them within the next (2) days to share some information, NOT to sign them up. Second, email or text their contact info to:

or ​ 832.669.2566

Q: Can I "Gift" my VISA Gift Card to my clients?

A: Absolutely 100%. We can also do a 50/50 split VISA Gift Card. For Example: $150 to client and $150 to you. Let us know how you want to handle your Gift Card and we will take care of it.